Sunday, June 5, 2011

Legend [6] : Prince Purbaya, flying the Javaness man

His real name is Joko Umbaran. He is the son of Panembahan Senopati born of a wife who is the daughter of Ki Ageng Giring. Ki Ageng Giring is a prominent Islamic religious spreader on the island of Java in 12 -14 centuries, and some people admit he was a ‘wali’. Ki Ageng Giring found a magic coconut that if water is taken until the end in one gulp, will cause the drinker to reduce the kings of Java. Young coconut water is accidentally swallowed it own by Ki Ageng Pamanahan a visit to the Ki Ageng Giring in a state of thirst. Ki Ageng Pamanahan feel guilty after learning that magical properties of coconut water. He then married his son, the daughter Sutawijaya ( Panembahan Senapati ) with Ki Ageng Giring. Ki Ageng Giring daughter gave birth to Joko Umbaran ( diumbar in Javanese means "abandoned" ). After the adult Joko Umbaran go to Mataram to get recognition from his father. It was already titled Panembahan Senopati. Through an uphill battle, Joko Umbaran finally secured recognition as the son of Mataram with the title of Prince Purbaya.
Prince Purbaya and his mother who is the daughter of Ki Ageng Giring to get land from the kingdom of Mataram in Maguwo area, which later became known wot Galeh. Wot Galeh name it self is taken from the wooden cross above the ‘Kali Kuning’ is tipped at Mount Merapi, reputedly the wood was brought from Mount Merapi by Prince Purbaya a way to fly. And the stories about him to fly can be found in the book ‘Babad Tanah Jawi’, at the Mataram kingdom attack to Batavia. When he became a warlord Mataram kingdom which was led by the nephew of the Sultan Agung attacked the VOC in Batavia, how he entered the fortress of VOC in a way to fly.

Devotion to the kingdom of Mataram are enormous, as the son of the founder of Mataram job he has no desire to rule, although with the strength and ability I think he is worthy to be king, but the historical record actually the father of the Sultan Agung who becomes a substitute Panembahan Senapati.
After he died he was buried in wot Galeh, precisely the south of Adisutjipto airport ini Yogyakarta, close to the Indonesian republic's air force academy, so some people say his ability in the world of aviation forwarded by the young Indonesian who study. This is only a piece of the story as I know, based on a story about the hereditary Prince Purbaya Yogyakarta society, more or less I apologize if there is a mistake in writing

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