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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blood Group B : Petruk Shaman

Collection of stories about the family of Bharata, a power struggle as the king in royal Hastinapura. fight the truth with evil, justice with greed, all remain too will disappear, this story….
Meeting the King and ministers in the kingdom Hastinapura (Kurawa) and attended King Balarama who is actually a regular meeting in the Cabinet of King Duryudono. After all greeted the minister to the spiritual advisor Reverend Drona, this meeting then discussed the letter from the royal family with Amarta (Pandawa) is still the king, who asked for help finding the missing weapons Amarta kingdom. There is a difference of opinion between Drona and Balarama. Drona want the opportunity loss of empire Amarta weapons to attack the kingdom, while the king Balarama wanted to help the kingdom Amarta because Hastinapura  family
Kurawa, the influence of Drona, instead of helping even consider this situation as an opportunity to attack the Pandawa. Then drafted a plan of attack. Although the Pandawa became powerful because it possessed weapons, but many knights Amarta the magic even without weapons, for example Antasena and Antareja with strength. Therefore need to be prepared physically to face the power of the Pandawa.
In the midst of preparation for the attack, in other countries called 'Cundorante', was a disaster of severe disease. Various ways have been sought, and it was found that such disasters can be removed by delivery of victimizing. So, 2 jin, 'Pesatnyowo' and 'Sambernyowo', as envoy to look for casualties of the question, ie, Drona and Vice Regent Sengkuni of Astina.
Drona and Sengkuni troops who were preparing the Kurawa in the woods 'Kurumanggolo', had been kidnapped by two messengers. Kurawa blow up, because without these two puppets that they will be weak.
'Eswatama', the son of Drona, Karna asked for help to Duke. Duke Karna immediately caught up with both jinn and succeeded in getting them. Because nearly defeated, the genie asked for help a big snake called 'Nogorangsang', who then managed to make both eyes blind Duke of Karna.
Blind, Duke of Karna helped by Balarama and Krishna to be brought into treatment. They walk through the valley and mountains to the place of Krishna.
While Arjuna was in seclusion in order to find the missing weapons Pandawa, heard the moans Sengkuni carried away by the genie 'Pesatnyowo'. Soon he was using his father's administration 'Jayengkaton' oil. 'Jayengkaton' by rubbing oil into her eyes, she can see spirits all around.
Petruk was Arjuna who want to help prohibit Drona and Sengkuni, because in a period of meditation, puppets must refrain from any action, because it can cancel the hermitage.
But Arjuna refused advice Petruk, and desperate to intercept two jinn. So the battle was fierce. Unfortunately Arjuna defeated and dead.
Petruk as a servant of Arjuna, looking for ways to cure his master. With deep concern, Petruk finally reached the kingdom of the jinn, the cave jin. With their tricks, Petruk managed to bring a weapon called the king's flower Condro Urawan jinn and Arjuna brought to heal.
After recovering, Petruk advised to Arjuna that do not help Drona, but focus just looking for the missing weapons Pandawa. Arjuna agreed and apologized, then return to continue the search for weapons.
But suddenly appear Eswatama, son Drona. Eswatama promising Astina Kurawa will restore the kingdom to the Pandavas without Baratayudha war, when Arjuna was able to save Drona.
Hearing that promise, Arjuna immediately pursue two genie said, following up to Cundorante, war again, and Arjuna to die again.
Petruk who finally came home annoyed, and with the king's magic weapon genie, he opened his practice of medicine that works. He was so shamans and richer.
Semar, and Bagong Gareng are confused because Arjuna to die again, immediately gave the news to Amarta to come help. Help came, and managed to tear apart the kingdom, but the arrival of the snake managed to kill Gatutkoco, Setyaki, Werkudoro, and the other knights.
Pandawa warriors who die, coupled with the Duke of Karna brought by Balarama, was taken to a place Petruk. One by one, successfully turned on and cured.
Next Petruk commander was asked as to lead the attack into Cundorante, defeating Nogorangsang, freeing Drona and Sengkuni.
After being defeated Petruk, Nogorangsang turned into Krishna's Chakra weapon is missing.
The twins Pesatnyowo and Sambernyowo who was killed Petruk Pasopati turned into weapons. And the knights are also many other Cundorante who was the incarnation of weapons Pandawa.
Jin king of the cave turned out to  Nakula and Sadewa, who co-disappeared with the loss of weapons Pandawa.
And Petruk held weapon is a weapon turned out to belong to Krishna Wijayakusuma flowers.
The state immediately restored. Pandavas regained all his weapons, and Drona and Sengkuni regretted his actions.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blood Group B : Semar Build Heaven

Collection of stories about the family of Bharata, a power struggle as the king in royal Hastinapura. fight the truth with evil, justice with greed, all remain too will disappear, this story….

Sun reluctant to say hello even though the day started early, in a village with the name Karang Kabulutan, see figure chubby man with silvery white hair, his name is Semar, he looked depressed and confused. From his face that he was thinking about something, occasionally visible in the head shakes his head as a sign that something he worries.

Moments later, a second son to him, his name Petruk, he was surprised to see her father who was depressed and confused. Petruk wanted to say hello, but he was afraid that Semar is mad at him. Finally he dared to greet his father.
Petruk: "Father ... what's the father. I had seen the father of pensive, as puzzled to think of something. What's the father? What happened? "
Semar is still not responding. He kept thinking about something and looks pensive. Petruk was again asked.
Petruk: "Father .... what is it? What happened? What I, Gareng(semar first child) and Bagong (third child semar) guilty of the same father? Or is there something else that makes you confused? "
Semar was still silent, as no attention to the presence of Petruk.
Petruk: "Well then ... If you do not want to tell you what happened, it would not mind ... My back was yes father? " 
Petruk then about to step into the house. However, before he stepped Semar said suddenly, 
Semar: "My son ... father does nothing. Father only concerned with the fate of the kingdom Amarta. Liver father upset thinking about the fate of 'Pandawa'. There's something I think ... but I can not say. Petruk ... I want you to go to Amarta, met officials at the royal Amarta. Then, tell them if you want to borrow three heirloom Amarta, Jimat Kalimasada, Payung Kencana and Tombak Kalawelang to build heaven. One more Petruk, to all the Pandawa to come soon to the Karang Kabulutan. Petruk leave immediately ...Father's blessing be with you. 

Petruk is asking the blessing of Semar and went directly without carrying any stock. The journey from 'Karang Kabulutan' to the Kingdom of Amarata taken for 3 days and 3 nights without rest.Petruk was up in the Kingdom Amarta and directly overlooking the King Amarta. 

On the throne, King Amarta (Yudhishthira / Puntadewa) already sitting there. Not to forget Amarta royal officials (including the Pandavas) was already present there, among them Bhima, Nakula, Sadewa, Janaka, Krisna, Kunthi, Gatotkaca, dan Antareja. 

Not long ago, Petruk forward the king. First he expressed a deep devotion to officials Amarta which is actually a baby he was, but Petruk employer calls them. Petruk also expressed intent to Amarta kedatangnnya, that he was told to Borrow Three Semar Heritage to build Heaven and ask all the Pandawa to come to the Karang Kabulutan. Yudhishthira was a wise king. He asked the opinion of the officials who were there Amarta, including Krishna. 
Krishna as the elder person in Amarta give his opinion. He disagreed with the plan of Semar who want to build heaven. In that sense he is, 'heaven' to be built by Semar is heaven "Suroloyo".This is contrary to nature semar be scaled to the world. Semar intention to build heaven "Suroloyo" obviously will not be approved by the gods in heaven. Then according to Krishna, the Pandawa in order to come to Karang Kabulutan is to help Semar if there is an attack from heaven to provide protection. Krishna reiterated that the intention to build heaven Semar is wrong, and Semar action should be straightened out again. 
Petruk was less pleased with the opinion of Krishna. According to Semar, Petruk intention to build heaven is good. Until now, even the Semar never do things that are negative. In addition, Krishna is also not a king in Amarta, so Krishna is not entitled to a decision not to borrow in allowing third semar heritage or not. 

Petruk rebuttal of course makes Krishna angry. Krishna is considered that clown-servants 'servant' or roughly "gedhibal pitulikur". Krisna talk clearly makes Petruk angry. Although the clown-servant was 'maid', but keep in mind that taking care of the Pandavas from childhood to adulthood is a clown-servants. And keep in mind also that they can become king because of support from people kicil. So when they are in power, had they ought to remember the little people. Not making the little people as "gedhibal pitulikur" or is like a doormat. 
Seeing this, Yudhishthira tried to intervene. He asked Petruk out briefly from the main chamber and in order to wait outside until the King Amarta give a decision. Petruk was obedient to the command Yudhishthira. 
Krishna still insisted on her opinion, that plans to build a heaven Semar is wrong. Krishna even directly ordered Gatotkaca, Janaka and Petruk Antareja to expel or kill him if necessary. They obey the dictates of Krishna. After the third out, Krishna had followed out. 

Yudhishthira could not understand why this could occur. He was confused which one is correct, Semar or Krishna. Sadewa (one of the Pandawa and is also the son of Bima) spoke. Sadewa renowned as a highly intelligent and meticulous. Although he was young, but his intelligence is like a receipt only. According Sadewa, which referred to 'heaven' by semar not just heaven 'Suroloyo'. semar feelings actually also heaven. So who wants in her wake is semar, which will ultimately build the strength of the Pandawa. 
Sadewa provide advice to Yudhishthira how to prove who is right, Semar or Krishna. He suggested that the penggede Amarta meditated in front of the storage room are three treasures. If after semededi when inheritance is still in place, then Krishna is right.However, if it turns out that the three treasures 'jengkar' from its place, then the correct Semar. 

Bima approved the proposed Sadewa. He admitted though Sadewa young, but consideration given Sadewa very precise.Finally the penggede Amarta follow advice Sadewa. They set out to meditate in front of the storage area is ketgka heritage. 
Arriving at the third storage puska, they meditate, asking the Almighty to show who was right and who is wrong. Moments after they meditate, suddenly the three treasures are flying into space and sped toward the village of Karang Kabulutan. Now they know that Semar is correct. 
Sadewa then suggested that they went to the Karang Kabulutan, but through the back door, so that Krishna did not know if they had gone to the Karang Kabulutan. 

Mean while in front of the palace, Petruk met Antasena (one child Milky bodied snakes). Petruk convey his devotion and then communicate its goals coming into Amarta. He also told them all that had happened inside the palace. Antasena actual figure is less insane, but sometimes good thoughts. He asked the current condition of Semar. Petruk also tells how the state of Semar. Semar is now acting strange, often moody, and sometimes likes to whisper with Abhimanyu. Semar now 'idu geni' (meaning the time someone is sick, semar enough spit and that person will be healed). 
Antasena judge that what is true Semar. In addition, Antasena make sure Petruk that there will be a give information or answer to the request to the King Amarta. He was willing to help Petruk if later there official  Amarta who want to harm him. Antasena Petruk then fused with the body. 
Moments later Gatotkaca, Antareja and Janaka meet Petruk. They ensnare Petruk and put into prison. Even they do not hesitate to kill Petruk if he fought back. 

Petruk already fortified by Antasena not feel afraid, in addition he also felt what was done semar not wrong. The first time against Petruk is Ghatotkacha. He directly holds Petruk and want to rotate the head until his neck broke. Petruk but no less resourceful, he turned in the direction of rotation, so that the neck is not broken. Petruk it even can hold hands and threw it up Ghatotkacha fell in front of Arjuna. 
Arjuna did not stay silent. He immediately attacked Petruk. But Petruk which is backed up by issuing Antasena flame is actually a moment Antasena. Janaka had collapsed. Antareja which saw the defeat Ghatotkacha and Janaka can not just look at it. He immediately issued a blast and met with bursts by Petruk. Bursts of flame out of kedaunya. Antareja could not last long, bursts of fire could be defeated by Petruk. The three then fled and was about to report to Krishna.

Once safe, out of the body Petruk is Antasena. Suddenly the four figures are not known. Antasena explained that four is the thirdincarnation of heirloom Amarta (ie Jimat Kalimasada, Tumbang Korowelang and Songsong Tunggul Naga) and Chakra weapon (gun of Krishna). Antasena explained that  which will provide information or answer to the request to the king Amarta. He also told Petruk to go home, because official of Amarta also on the way to the village of Karang Kabulutan.

Sure enough, the three treasures are flying home ward now semar home, so did the third son of Pandawa, Yudhishthira,  bima, Sadewa and Nakula
While in the battle against Petruk, the third Pandawa warrior is antareja, Gatotkaca and arjuna defeated because Petruk is supported by Antasena . They shared krisna reported to the authorities Suroloyo semar activities namely 'Bhatara guru',hear the stories krisna, Khayangan Suroloyo angry ruler, with the gods sent the 'bhatara guru' homes attacked semar.
The battle happened, semar support by Yudhisthira, Bhima, Nakula and Sadewa, and Antasena against the gods. When the battle was fierce semar and the 'bhatara guru' (brother semar) meet each other and shoot magic, to the bhatara guru lost andrealized that what he did wrong, while his brother conducted properly

reference : Ki Hadi Sugito Live Streamming