Monday, January 17, 2011

Animasi 2D dan 3D [5] : ZH 47 THE BOMBER


Previously we've learned how to make airplane design ZH 47 TheBomber (re-open training modules to makeplane bomber THE 47ZH ) . A little review of this plane from the plane's inspired ThreeUltraman. Therefore, the making of this animation we will make it appear as though this pesawak out of a desert sand, which turnedthe desert sand isis the headquarters bersar friends UltramanTiga,then the plane took off from these headquarters . Ok do not have too long. We live it to the scene


 1. A plane (ZH THE 47 bomber)
2. Create a file and save it as animasi.max
3. Viewport
Use the viewport like below to help us in the animation process.
{views / / viewport configuration / / Layout ---> select the viewport / /ok}

1. Making the desert
How to make the desert sand
- Create a box
Standard primitive / / box

- To create a ripple effect on the desert sand
Right-click select convert to editable poly / / select the vertex

- After doing it will show titik2 vertices on the object. Choose oneby one this titik2 not slide up or down at random in order to createsuch a wavy effect

- With yamg same steps create a mountain of sand as a hiding place our aircraft later
- Finally we will give material of sand on the object (by giving the material will be discussed later)
Such steps are used to create animation ZH 47 like in the movieUltraman Three. Hopefully useful.
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