Thursday, December 8, 2011

Legend [9] : Panembahan Senopati commander on the battlefield

Great people, people who recorded history. Greatness has always had two sides, a very bright side to the followers and admirers, and the dark side for his enemies and rivals. He was the leader will be born from a leader. A great leader is born as a process towards the ladder of leadership.History known as Panembahan Senopati Ing Ngalaga (Sutawijaya real name), this article does not peel about genealogy and its origin because it has many articles and books peel. Son Ki Ageng Pemanahan ground java is its life history was remarkable. He was also appointed as the adoptive son of the Sultan of Hadi Wijaya (King Pajang) because it has not had a son. As a leader, as a military expert, as a politician as well as statesman, who did not hesitate to be underlined in the forefront of the battle.Beginning his career as a leader and commander of the war began when the kingdom Pajang (1549) demanded the death of Sunan Prawoto as a ruler of Demak who was killed by Ario Penangsang (cousin of the ruling in Jipang). Shelf, led by Joko Tingkir (later the title of Sultan Hadi Wijaya) received a request for assistance submitted by the Queen Kalinyamat (Sunan Prawoto daughter) to kill Ario Penangsang and if successful will be rewarded with land area of ??the former Sultan Trenggono (Sultanate of Demak successor). In battle fierce enough, because Ario Penangsang known as a tough fighter and in charge of many sciences, is set to defeat it by one or another strategy Ki Ageng Pemanahan, namely by removing the mare because Ario Penangsang diarea battles using using stallions. In the battle crazed stallion chasing a mare, a figure that's where teenagers (Sutawijaya) holding a spear block the rate of horse and rider.And it is hit by a spear, sticking the belly of Ario Pengasang, revoked and spilled the contents of his stomach, with a gallant Penangsang Ario put the entrails back, near the handle of dagger, and fell from a horse, with emotion and anger at seeing his teenage son in front of him wielding keris and die.As a reward for that battle, the land in the southern part of land called the base Java Mentaok given to Ki Ageng Pemanahan, who were later processed and built by Sutawijaya. The land was later given the name of Mataram, with one of the reasons that the ancients around the area there is a large work called Mataram (Hindu). Mataram into areas that develop new and advanced rapidly, the breath of this new area of ??Islam is growing by giving to the people who have a tolerance of other faiths (Hindu). Based in Kotagede area, which will become the first capital of Islamic Mataram jobs, this development came up Pajang. As written in the history of the Land of Java, the establishment of a new state that would be great would eliminate the greatness of the State before. Then you can locate information on the Internet for Islamic Mataram kingdom.

Reference : Babad Tanah Jawi, Mulai dari Nabi Adam Sampai Tahun 1647. (terj.). 2007. Yogyakarta: Narasi

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