Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Legend[7] : Pangeran Diponegoro Warlord of Java War

Prince Diponegoro, was born in the Sultanate Ngayogyokarto, is the most phenomenal figure in the history of the struggle against Dutch colonial power (the Company), the majority ethnic Javanese who lives in Central Java, Jogjakarta, and part of East Java (Mataraman) knew him as LEGEND, even poets famous, Khairil Anwar, made his name with the title poem. So writing in the article even this can not represent the greatness of his name and all the folklore in the land of Java, about the Prince. Here's the story ... ... 

After the great battle between the Dutch and the Sultanate of Mataram led by Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, resistance to Dutch colonialism sporadic and small in Java, until the birth of the son of Sultan Hamengkubowno II's ruling Ngayogyokarto Sultanate  (Descendants of Sultan Agung of Mataram in the job) that Ontowiryo have the first name. Political battles in the palace since the days of Mataram are rooted in the off spring with Ki Ki Ageng Pemanahan and Ki  Ageng Giring that is not over, making the position of Prince Diponegoro who was nominated to be the Sultan of the Sultanate Ngayogyokarto next to fail. But he has a very high commander soul willing to give that opportunity to his brother, as a result he became sultan young companion to lead the Sultanate. 
Pengeran Diponedoro lunge in assisting the brother turns out to grip the Dutch colonists who were eager to exert influence in the Sultanate through Patih Danurejo. Political intrigue which planned to eliminate the influence of the prince to the Sultan began to take place. There is some folklore that says that the prince had slapped a Dutch soldier to death while in the court of sexually abusing daughter of the Sultanate and the servant girls. The peak of the Dutch political intrigue is to do scenario development that cut the railway station building philosophy Monument (now cross road Jl. Mangkubumi) - Royal Palace as the letter ‘Alif’. The prince's anger peaked, a symbol or a philosopher who built his ancestors (Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I) are undermined by the Dutch. There in lies the beginning of the battle which is phenomenal in Java, not the problems of land the prince used for railroad, as actually representing his brother the Prince has given an alternative construction of the railway station, which is below ground or in the north of Monument. But the name of political intrigue to get rid of the prince of the Sultanate, the Netherlands through danuwiryo more incentive to push, until the duke's death occurred by way of being slapped by the prince, once a slap, there fell danuwiryo. Death danuwiryo who pander reasons the Dutch made the Netherlands to attack Ngayogyokarto Sultanate. Once again the soul statesmanship and heroism he appears here, he left the Sultanate to the Dutch were actually targeting the prince would not attack the Sultanate. 

Prince's decision to leave the palace without the troops and would take the fight against the Dutch colonizers, told in folklore that a war which he lived was the Lord's command, but the circumstances were very miserable people, makes people decide to stand behind the prince. Gaza death battle with guerrilla tactics, which was not there, fighting the forces of the Dutch infantry forces occur along the southern coast of Java to play to the middle and back to the Sultanate from the direction of Magelang, making the Dutch troops overwhelmed, even the historical record, that was Royal Netherlands government in continental Europe experienced economic collapse, because the funds are used to crush the struggle of the prince with guerrilla tactics, as opposed to the tactics of guerrilla tactics stelsel fort, which requires the budget and the logistics are very large and lasts throughout the year 1800-1900. Until in the end the Dutch do his dirty tactics to trap the prince in Magelang. Here the history needs to be tested, whether captured in a way cheated to negotiate it is the Prince? Would not it during the war, the Dutch have never met or knew the prince's face, because who met and fought against him would die. History must be studied more, he is the Commander in Chief in the Java War, he was a strategist in the war, is a nanny and Princes is guide sultan, he was a very intelligent, he was able to make the Dutch royal bankruptcy, can not be stuck with the tactics of the Netherlands. History should be reviewed ... ... ... ... 

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