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Legend [4] : Nyi Ageng Serang, Women In Java War

Nyi Ageng Serang has the original name Raden Ajeng Kustiyah Retna Edi. She is the youngest daughter of the regent of Serang, Panembahan Natapraja. 'Serang' is meant here is an area in the district of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta is now, not the town of Serang in Banten Province.

Although a nobleman's son, but since little is known Nyi Ageng Serang close to the people. As an adult he was also featured asone of the warlords against the invaders. Her spirits to rise than todefend the people, also triggered the death of his brother Prince Mangkubumi when defending against Paku Buwana I assisted the Dutch.

After the Treaty Giyanti (What divides the two kingdoms of Mataram Islam became the Kasultanan Yogyakarta and Kasunanan Surakarta ), Nyi Ageng Serang moved to Yogyakarta with Prince Mangkubumi. But the struggle against occupying forces kept him continue. At that Nyi Ageng Serang led troops called Force Beast with a quick attack skills to make the enemy forces oftent opsy-turvy. These troops also become one of the very forces to be reckoned the Netherlands at that time. The advantages of this Demon Forces is the ability to camouflage them selves(camouflage) in accordance with the surrounding natural conditions, so that Dutch troops often fooled or trapped.

When the Diponegoro War broke out in 1825, Nyi Ageng Serang also be one commander of the army. His army was assisted by the greater because the lower classes, especially farmers who many joined his army. Nyi Ageng Serang also known as a tactician and negotiations. Nyi Ageng Serang died because of advanced age and was buried in Hamlet Frozen, Banjarharjo, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo. This tomb is situated on the hill about 6 km of road Muntilan-Dekso. Distance from Yogyakarta ± 32 km, from Wates City ± 30 km. In addition, Nyi Ageng Serang has a grandson who is also a national hero of Ki Hajar Dewantara.

Nyi Ageng Serang (1752-1828) along with his father (Panembahan Serang) and brother (Kyai Ageng Serang) including rebels who tore Gianti Agreement (13-02-1755) and continued armed resistance against the Dutch. Dutch troops ambushed in Semarang. His father and brother died in battle.

When Java War began Nyi Ageng Serang lost her husband who died in battle. Nyi Ageng Serang then continue the struggle, and though advanced in years, when it was 73 years, gained the confidence to lead troops. His forces took Panji "Gula Kelapa" (the color red and white) in the Central Java region northeast.

Nyi Ageng Serang in the battle of Talas was initiated using leaves as camouflage tactics. Two years before the Diponegoro War ended Nyi Ageng Serang died because of falling ill, the possibility of an attack of malaria epidemics as the disease claimed the lives of many soldiers, as well as Dutch soldiers along the mountains Opas Menoreh.

The Government has confirmed Nyi Ageng Serang as a National hero based on Presidential Decree No. 084/TK/1974

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